Social Recruiting: Marussia F1 #SMDriver

So it is the British Grand Prix weekend – oh what a wet one it could be. Today, Marussia F1’s new Social Media Driver will be actively engaging with fans via Marussia’s social media channels.

In collaboration with Crexia, Monster worked with Marussia to run a Social Recruiting Campaign in order to attract and hire a Social Media Driver for Marussia.

At #SRCONF 2012 last week, David Henry of Monster talked a bit about the campaign, and showed videos of some applicants. Marussia F1 received a lot of applications, and the campaign went viral. The video (at the moment) has been watched over 21,000, which obviously brought a lot of visibility to Marussia F1 as a brand for candidates to consider career opportunities with.

Marussia F1 eventually hired Ailish Clarke, whose application video is embedded below. Well done Ailish, and hopefully it will be a fun-filled weekend as a Social Media Driver for Marussia F1.

Some of the shortlisted applications for the Social Media Driver include:!/ScottMitchell89
Has his own blog and website dedicated to motorsport, regularly tweets on F1 weekends. He wants to be at the heart of F1 and thinks SMDriver would be a good place to start.!/woody2goody_uk
Creates his own commentary on F1 races in videos such as:!/@kellyashbridge: Has a blog about social media and F1 and has done several interviews with names in the F1 industry.!/@rachelclarkef1: Created a pinterest board around #SMDriver showing pictures of the hashtag from around the world. Also blogged about SMDriver from her tumblr.!/@drew_harding: Created @SMDriverF1 with which to contribute to conversation on Twitter and an SMDriver website. Also created an SMDriver Pinterest account which included some pictures he created like an F1 car steering wheel with social media buttons.!/@GraceF1Fanatic: Writes an F1 blog and did posts around SMDriver, got 300 views in 4 days.!/@slywheel: Kept up a constant stream of tweets and chatter using the hashtag for the duration of the competition – kept people talking about it, asked F1 related questions, generally kept the promotion in the eyes of F1 fans. Has also created a podcast mentioning the promotion.!/@Baggies20: Created a YouTube video about his thoughts and opinions on the Monster – Marussia partnership and talks about why he should be the next SMDriver.!/@LukePlastow: Really creative video about why he should be the next SMDriver – made us laugh.!/@F1_Obsessive: Talks about what she’d do if she was Marussia’s SMDriver in her blog and created a lovely picture of an F1 car out of words describing what it takes to be an SMDriver. and