Social Recruiting and The Candidate Experience (#SRCHAT)

This evening we hosted the second in an ongoing series of Social Recruiting Twitter Chats.

We had two experts on the virtual panel, both with considerable knowledge of communities and candidate experience. Lisa Scales, CEO & Co-founder of Tribepad and Jerome Ternynck, CEO at SmartRecruiters Inc.

We asked our panelists four questions each. Here are some of the highlights…

What is Candidate Experience?

Why should Employers be interested in Candidate Experience?

What are the most crucial stages of the Candidate Journey?

How does traditional ATS compare with Social HR platforms?

How can Social Recruiting influence the Candidate experience?

Can the average ATS ever be social? Explain

What impact will sites like Glassdoor have on Candidate Experience?

How does SmartRecruiters enhance the Candidate Experience?

How does Tribepad enhance the Candidate Experience?

It seems to be the perception that people will pursue their ideal job even if the candidate experience is lacking. Expectations are low and therefore people are still pleased if there is a good job at the end of the process. The biggest Candidate experience let downs may well be experienced by those not getting hired. I am hearing the phrase “Black Hole” used to describe the place that job applications go to all the time – it cropped up again in this chat.

Sites like Glassdoor give those that are unsatisfied with their experience somewhere to vent. Could sites like this become the Social Recruiting equivalent of Yelp and Tripadvisor? If that is the case then are we just as likely to see glowing reviews for companies getting the candidate experience right?

If you missed the chat this week, let us know what you think here on the blog or tweet using the #SRCHAT hashtag.

We keep a running list of everyone that’s taken part in one of these Twitter Chats – you can follow them all by checking out this Twitter list. We’d also like to thank everyone that took part for their input – there’s nothing like a good debate to move thinking forward.

The topic of next week’s chat will be announced here on the blog so watch this space!

#SRCHAT will take place every Wednesday at 8pm BST, 3pm ET and 12pm PT. We recommend using Twubs as a great tool for taking part in Twitter Chats.