REVIEW: Social Recruitment Platforms (#SRCHAT)

We had quite a broad topic for last night’s #SRCHAT. Following a blog post listing 20 Social Recruiting Platforms last week, we posed the question “What is a Social Recruiting Platform?” to the community to see what the perception was.

What is a Social Recruiting Platform?

Could it be that any tool with social features, that we use for recruiting, is a Social Recruiting Platform?

How should Social Recruiting Products integrate with existing HR Technologies? The initial conversation this evening was sparked off by the news that Spokeo has been fined $800,000 for selling False Employee Background Check Info. Find more info on this from Wired and from the SourceCon blog. This sparked us to ask just how much information we should be collecting about candidates.

What is the future of the Social Recruiting Technology space? It is clear that everyone wants to use social platforms in different ways, both those doing the recruiting and those that want to be recruited. It is important to understand what your particular audience wants and what tools they already use. Social Media is, by its very nature, a long term thing – you can’t build a following or an engaged community over night. People only look for jobs in isolated pockets of time though, creating a disconnect when it comes to social recruiting.

This led us to ask whether we should be building dedicated social platforms for recruitment or using the social spaces that already exist, like Facebook and Twitter to engage with potential candidates? Is it more of a branding exercise than an extension or replacement of the ATS?

What is your take on these questions? Let us know on Twitter using the #SRCHAT tag or leave a comment here.

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Thanks to all that took part in this week’s chat. I’ll leave you with this final word from Vic.

The topic of next week’s chat will be announced here on the blog so watch this space!

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