Social Recruiting on Facebook – Networking or Job Posting?

Yesterday evening Crexia hosted the first Social Recruiting Twitter Chat.

We had two Facebook Recruiting experts on the virtual panel. David Henry from Monster, you can follow him at @hoorayhenry, and Stephane Le Viet of @work4labs.

We identified 36 people on Twitter that took part. You can follow them all by checking out this Twitter list. We’d also like to thank you all for your input – there’s nothing like a good debate to move thinking forward.

We asked our panelists five questions each. Here are some of the highlights…

Why should companies consider Facebook as a Recruiting tool?

Are Facebook profiles an alternative to CV databases? 

What is the value of posting jobs into Facebook?

How can candidates use Facebook as a Professional Network?

Any case studies of job posting successes on Facebook?

Many people see Facebook as private and for friends. How can companies deal with this scenario?

How does hiring on Facebook compare to the likes of recruiting via LinkedIn, Viadeo?

Could recruiting on Facebook replace traditional job boards?

How can companies implement a Social Recruiting Strategy for Facebook?

Where do you see Facebook within the Social Recruiting space?

I think we can safely say that Facebook holds an awful lot of data about people and recruiters are in the people business. This makes it very difficult to ignore. It gives us the ability to target people in ways that job boards and search engine advertising do not.

Facebook also allows companies to engage with people and humanise their brands without those people having to hand over all their information.

As Matt Alder points out, it can be easy to think that everyone uses social media platforms in the same way we do – that is not the case. We all use it differently and different communities suit some social networks better than others.

The topic of next week’s chat will be announced here on the blog so watch this space!

#SRCHAT will take place every Wednesday at 8pm BST, 3pm ET and 12pm PT. We recommend Twubs as a great tool for taking part in Twitter Chats.

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