Social Recruiting at CitySearch with Facebook Ads

Today, Techcrunch ran a piece on how Citysearch is using Facebook Ads for Social Media Recruiting. With Facebook’s very large audience and social activity, it is seemingly becoming the largest database of potential candidates for Hiring managers.

Erick Schonfield, Co-Editor at Techcrunch pointed out that Citysearch CEO Jay Herratti explained to him a very simple but effective way they are using Facebook ads to hire people.

Basically, Citysearch puts up an ad with a picture of the hiring manager and shows those ads only to that manager’s Facebook friends.

Erick pointed out an example, where an image of the Citysearch senior VP Kara Nortman is used, stating that she is looking for talented people to join her team. The image is shown on the right of this post.

Erick explains further:

Since each ad can be “liked,” and thus shared across the social network via the news feed, the ads become implicit referrals. If you know Kara and you see the ad, whether or not you are looking for a job, you might feel inclined to like it and share it with your friends.

Many companies will soon be using Facebook Ads for sourcing talent on Facebook, as part of their core Social Recruiting Strategy.