Social Recruiting Conference in 30 Days

If you have visited this website before, you’d notice that besides our Social Recruiting services and strategy offerings, we also happen to be co-organising the Social Recruiting Conference, with RCEuro. With just 30 days ago, I recently wrote an update on the #SRConf website about where things are in terms of Speakers & Sponsors, Delegates and discount rates.

A few months ago, I was lamenting about a dearth of Social Recruiting case studies, especially from the UK and Europe, and pointedly, from large corporate organisations.

Amazingly, we have managed to gather some great speakers who gladly accepted our invitation to discuss their social media recruiting strategy at the conference.

But also interestingly, we did get direct approaches from over 5 ‘relevant’ speakers, who are keen to share their own secrets and stories, in their foray into implementing a social recruiting strategy. Just think of some of the largest global brands in manufacturing, telecoms and technology, and you know who they might be.

This shows how the opinions around social recruiting are now shifting from a ‘head-in-the-sand’ approach for some, to a more open and adaptive status for others.

There is obviously a lot more work to be done in influencing the recruitment industry and the mindset of its leaders about ‘les nouvelles techniques’, but we believe that case studies at the Social Recruiting Conference, will surely continue the conversations – going forward.

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