Social Recruiting Consultancy Relaunches Website

Social Recruiter, a Social Media Recruiting Consultancy has rebranded its website. The new website provides a cleaner layout and a well-organized structure, in order to ensure higher usability and better value to our audience.

Moving from the traditional blog homepage, we have decided to bring to view fresh information regarding our business and services, to companies we currently work with and our future clients.

Built on wordpress, with several plugins and SEO rich add-ons, we have continued the whitespace design format, with toned down and subtle colours, so that our content can be easily viewed and valued.

Our new site is easier to navigate and allows greater interaction with our visitors, with the presense of  our Featured Blog and Latest Tweets sections. We have made prominent our contact details on the sidebar of all pages with suitable social media icons, thus making it quicker to get in touch with us.

We have also ensured that our website users will have access to Social Recruiting resources from our Social Recruiter blog, via the footer area. We have retained most of the previous content on our old site and modified some pages to reflect the changes within.

We will continue to improve our website with relevant features and add new platforms in the future. For now, we gladly welcome your feedback in the form of comments and criticisms, on what you think about our new website.

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