Social Recruiting at Deloitte US: It’s your future

Deloitte US has today launched an innovative recruiting campaign aimed at showcasing the organization’s culture and people to attract the next wave of high-potential talent. The campaign is called: “It’s your future. How far will you take it?

Aimed for Graduate Recruitment and Gen Y talent, Deloitte is using Social Media channels to engage with candidates from US Campus and attract the best talent to their company.

According to the Diane Borhani, Deloitte’s U.S. Campus Recruiting leader:

Our goal is to offer recruits the most in-depth look at our organization to help them decide if Deloitte is truly the place for them. New hires tell us that our people are the greatest draw to Deloitte. Using these new social media channels, we are bringing our people and potential recruits closer to one another, enabling a more direct relationship that positively impacts our recruiting efforts.

To directly connect potential recruits with its employees, Deloitte has developed a series of integrated groups, channels and digital media tools as part of its campaign:

* A new recruiting micro-site provides visitors with a close look into the lives of the organization’s Gen Y employees, both inside and outside of work.

* A Twitter feed, “Life at Deloitte”, provides daily tweets from a different business leader each week on day-to-day life inside and outside of Deloitte.

* An integrated Facebook page, “Your Future at Deloitte (U.S.)”, is a go-to source for the latest information on initiatives and developments underway at Deloitte.

* A “Your Future at Deloitte” YouTube Channel offers individual video testimonies from employees on why they chose to work at Deloitte and what the organization means to them.

The campaign on the website was created by TMP US (you can see tmp url when the site is loading) and it seems to take a while to load, having been built on Flash.

But in all, its an interesting campaign and a bold demonstration of Deloitte’s promotion of their use of Social Media tools in Talent sourcing and major recruitment campaigns.

The homepage of the Deloitte Campaign is shown below. But one cannot help noticing its close similarity to that of Microsoft’s 2009/2010 Global Graduate campaign: How do you see the Future?

A bit of a coincidence eh …