Social Recruiting: Don't Waste a Crisis – #Recruitcamp

Recruitcamp – an unconference around recruiting, social media and new technologies, was held last week in the US.

One of the presentations was by Laurie Ruettimann who has uploaded the slide, entitled – Social Recruiting: Don’t waste a crisis.

I quite like how she started it by stating the facts and where we are right now. The intro demonstrates the need to sit back and look at how the recruiting processes has been, against the backdrop of the recession as well as what is it an organization really want to achieve in relation to hiring.

In her own words:

> We are at the end of a recession and the beginning of a new cycle.
> Social recruiting is hereā€”but it’s not about overlapping new and emerging technology onto existing, broken recruiting processes.
> It’s about slowing down, stepping back, and rethinking the nature of work.
> It’s time to question everything including how we hire people, why we need employees, and who we ask to join our organization.

Although some of the stats in the presentation relate to the US employment market and economy, the idea behind the presentation can be applied elsewhere.

You can view the the presentation here, but I have also embedded in this post.