Social Recruiting: Why It's Important to Be an Early Adopter

Social Recruiting is growing gradually. In the modest form of it, several Hiring Managers have devised ways to source for candidates from notable sites like LinkedIn and post jobs direct to Twitter.

That is encouraging, but the fullest scale of the Social Recruiting Strategy is yet to be harnessed. One of the reasons being that many employers are yet to comprehend the concept nor understand the value.

In clear and simple terms, Social Recruiting involves the use of Social Media and Social Networks to identify, attract, engage with and hire talent, while also maintaining a creating community, which connects Employers with the audience, promoting the company brand and reputation.

Since the concept is still in its early and developing phase, many companies are not sure if they ever want to consider this method as a talent ourcing and audience engaging tool.

While some are still scratching their heads and worrying about the seeming uncertainties therein, some smarter and ambitious organizations are taking centre-stage in designing, developing and deploying a group wide Social Media Recruiting strategy. These we may wish to call the Early Adopters.

You might define Early Adopters in several ways, but according to Wikipedia:

An early adopter or lighthouse customer is an early customer of a given company, product, or technology; in politics, fashion, art, and other fields, this person would be referred to as a trendsetter.

We see that term (i.e. Early Adopters) used more often these days in the Web 2.0 world, where probably over 5000 websites or online tools have been launched in the last few years, that offer people more and new ways to connect with an audience, communicate and collaborate online.

Early Adopters get stuck in. They use the product or technology and learn from possible mistakes. It can be risky atimes, but there you go. You live and you learn, but at the end, its always worth the journey.

Early adopters come out better informed about the service and in this case tool (Social Recruiting), and are able to get better coverage on how it has added value to their business, going forward.

This recent article on Mashable on how Brands that adopted Social Media like Starbucks, Zappos, Ford etc are now trendsetters (or trailblazzers) in engaging with their audience, while also setting standards for other companies trying to follow. The post noted that:

But the early adopter brands who paved the way for the rest to follow suit have become the success stories that the media, the public and the web companies in the limelight turn to first.

Yes, the media. You will get noticed and mentioned of here and there, and this could effecively further promote your company with more positive press and coverage.

The article further make the point that one key value being an early adopter, is that your company will develop important media relationships which will open doors for both parties, where the press have immediate access to standby contacts anytime they need an extra quote or example for their upcoming piece and in return, the brands get an instant audience responsive to pitches on innovative social media use cases or quirky marketing campaigns.

Imagine being seen on ABC or BBC (or any other media organization), as the employer that is actively hiring talent via Twitter. The value of these kind of exposures can be unquantifiable.

So, don’t sit back and say: Let others try it and fail first, so we can learn. We’d stick to the status quo without change. My advice: Get out there and get going with implementing a Social Media Recruiting strategy, and be an Early Adopter, at least for once.

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