Social Recruiting Features: New LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has been undergoing a lot of changes the last few months – new inbox, new ways of organizing your contacts, new search functions etc, not without several annoying downtimes and wrong search results, in some instances.

They are very busy, presumably trying to make the site and its services more social – which is always good. LinkedIn recently launched new features for LinkedIn groups. And it does look very cool and promising.

Like Facebook, they have added a ‘Like’ function (pardon the pun), including several other ways of sharing content within groups, following group members and engaging more with other LinkedIn members.

I think that the groups, and of course the LinkedIn Answers will continue to play a part in LinkeIn’s efforts to make the site more sociable, potentially gearing it towards a full fledged Social recruiting service, in the not so distant future.

The video below demonstrates the features of the new LinkedIn groups.