Social Recruiting: Insights from 2011 (Viadeo)

Viadeo Hiring Solutions recently published a detailed Whitepaper that focuses on Social Recruiting: insights and best practice from 2011.

The document shares great information on trends in Social Recruiting, whilst taking an objective view on the subject. Excerpts of the whitepaper is published below, but you can download the full piece in English or French.

There has been much discussion taking place for some time about the use of social media in recruitment, these discussions now seem to be reaching fever pitch. From building talent pools and communities, interacting with potential employees, finding effective ways to engage with the ‘passive’ candidate, to the new set of challenges that social media presents to HR & recruitment professionals – it’s safe to say that there are some massive changes going on in the recruitment industry.

We’ve been quite busy in the last month, hosting a series of Social Recruiting Roundtable discussions in London and Paris in order to get a practical understanding of the current issues facing HR and recruitment professionals, and to gather some opinions on the impact of social media today and in the future. We conducted a survey across our network in France about the way in which recruiters use social media and received over 340 responses from senior HR professionals.

Additionally, we sponsored the Social Recruiting Conference, #SRCONF, in Paris, which brought together HR and recruitment industry professionals to discuss and practically demonstrate the opportunities that social recruiting presents.

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