Social Recruiting by Jibe: Future of Graduate Recruiting 2020?

2020? Its hard to imagine what life will be like then. Who would have predicted the recession of the last 2 years and how it has impacted jobs and the world of recruiting.

But one thing is sure, the future of recruiting is ever evolving, and 2020 will bring with it newer ways to attract candidates and retain them. But before then, we will continue to welcome and embrace new social recruiting tools that will slowly and steadily set the scene for what recruiting will look like in the near future.

And one of those tools is Jibe, relaunched recently and in private beta. Jibe is using Facebook Connect to create a LinkedIn for the Facebook set. You can follow them on Twitter.

According to Techcrunch:

On Jibe, job seekers sign in with Facebook Connect. It pulls in their work and education history from their Facebook profile to pre-populate their Jibe profile.

They can link their account to LinkedIn and Twitter as well (the service is targeting the 24-and-under crowd, who tend not to have LinkedIn accounts). Then for every job posting, they can see if they are connected to anyone at that company. Jibe allows members to message those people directly to ask for a recommendation or job advice.

Jibe greatly utilizes Facebook as a strong platform for sourcing candidates, especially the Gen Y. It turns Facebook’s social graph into an internal recruiting graph for each candidate, showing the HR person or hiring manager who else in the company is connected to the candidate. Jibe is providing this recruiting graph to college career centers, so students can be applying to jobs directly from Universities.

This is a classic case of harnessing the power of Facebook to connect graduates and candidates with companies, and my guess is that Jibe will fly. By the way, it does have a very cool name too – something that will sit well with Gen Y and Gen X alike.