Social Recruiting Results: Job Seekers Perspectives

Today, I wrote about Twitter Hiring Success Stories and when we can start seeing/hearing more cases and scenarios from Hiring Managers and Employers, who are getting actual results from Social Media.

I didn’t realize that Mashabe was analyzing the seeming exact opposite related to Job Seekers via the postHow Job Seekers are Using Social Media to Get Real Results. I like that title and equally enjoyed the post. The rather amazing part was the comments made within the post; real experiences of Job Seekers who found jobs via Social Media, of course bringing into focus the companies they were interviewed, or are now working for.

It is nice to see, not that we don’t know that these sort of results already exists. Of course, from these employers perspectives, they must have a very good understanding of Social Media Recruiting strategies (what to say, do and how to go about it). And some of the comments from those Job Seekers demonstrated that they did enjoy the direct engagements with the employers and the hiring process; potentially more than if they had used traditional recruiting formats.

One of the comments highlighted how they viewed the website of the future employee and viewed videos of the team and how they work. Yes, corporate videos work too, as they likely throw your company in a different light. And the truth is, you don’t have to break your marketing budget to get a decent video created and uploaded on your corporate website.

And if you want to be a bit more creative, then have a look at what Bob Hazlett did to get a job. He went a step further, and bough cheap social ads on Facebook. Although this was not a perfectly original idea (a chap has done this before to land a Microsoft gig), it is refreshing to hear that this could work for anyone. You just have to take the risk. Read Rob’s comment on Mashable below:

I got the attention of 2 companies, who would have never even considered me because I didn’t live in their city, with a simple ad. I went to Facebook, created the ad which targeted directly to folks that worked at these particular companies and asked for a contact in HR.

The ads read something like “I want to work at <insert company> – Hi, my name is XX, I’m a <digital marketer, social media, web strategist, programmer, designer, etc>. I’d love to work at <insert company>, can you help me out?

I set a small budget of about $5/day and sent the ads to my online resume located at I had 2 interviews within a couple of days and spent a total of $12 to land both of them.

Maybe soon, we will see more success stories gushing out from the mouth of Job Seekers. And moreso, maybe some more companies will start talking about Real Results from Social Recruiting.