Social Recruiting at Ogilvy: Worlds Greatest Salesman

Ogilvy has turned to YouTube in a sensational search for the World’s Greatest Salesman. They are running a contest, looking for someone who can sell red brick (nice try!!) and in return you get a chance to visit Cannes, France in June and join an Ogilvy program.

It was a nice sales pitch for the job, by a stuffed suit with a smug face, ladden with some showmanship. It will work, because a lot of people will talk about it. It is Ogilvy’s nice litte foray into Social Recruiting.

Was it attention grabing? Yes. Was the video really engaging? I am not sure. View below and judge for yourself.

The contest itself on YouTube states:

Any salesperson can get stuck. A great sales woman or man finds another way to get their point across using metaphors in order to persuade the prospect and visually tell the story. OgilvyOne Worldwide is looking for the world’s greatest salesperson. Enter this contest and convince us by creating a video of yourself selling a red brick. Find out if you are the one?. Video submission deadline is May 16, 2010.

They also released more advertising-styled videos of around 1 Minute each aimed at publicizing this contest / search. I guess this will have cost them a bit, putting these people together and shooting these videos.

But is it actually worth it? I think it could have been better, if done simpler. The thing with big media and advertising agency is, they always think of simpler things in the biggest way possible. That is what they used to. With Social Media, it shouldn’t always be the case. And an engaging strategy, probably works better. Mind you, this looks more like an agency re-invention than an actual job search.

While the basic element of Social Recruiting (via YouTube videos) is applauded, you can see that the contest and the campaign is more of a sales pitch, an attention-grabing strategy by one of the world’s largest Old media agencies – which is somehow fashioned around The World’s Best Job in Australia content. Do you remember that hype also?