Social Recruiting on Facebook in 2012

Social Recruiting via Facebook is surely a strong subject in 2011, and doesn’t seem to be going away very soon. It will be a trend to watch and analyse in 2012 for recruiters and potential candidates alike. With Facebook’s IPO in tow, more companies are building recruitment and hiring apps, taking advantage of Facebook’s over 850 million global userbase.

We have seen smart tools like Work4Us, BeKnown, Identified, Branchout, BraveNewTalent – to mention afew, all adding unique and cool hiring products with a strong Facebook integration.

Guesswhat, Glassdoor too have joined the list with their “Inside Connections” tool, which allows it users to login using their Facebook account information and then immediately see where their friends work. The video below demonstrates the concept, which is not entirely a new one.

Techcrunch explained a bit more about the Glassdoor FB platform, whilst also highlighting some similarities and differences with other apps. The Facebook Social Recruiting space is surely heating up, and one to watch in 2012 and beyond!

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