Social Recruiting on Facebook – #SRCHAT

Last week, we announced the launch of our Social Recruiting Chat (#srchat), a twitterchat where participants, typically within HR and Recruitment can share insights on Social Recruiting.

Our first #srchat is entitled: Social Recruiting on Facebook – Networking or Job Posting?

This chat will take place on Wednessday, 30th May 2012 at 8pm GMT, 3pm ET and 12pm PT, and for just 1 hour. It will explore key issues around Recruiting via Facebook and look at statistics, case studies and challenges of hiring candidates by using Facebook as a Recruitment tool. We welcome the following as special guests for the chat:

David Henry, VP, Marketing UKIE, Monster // @hoorayhenry

Stephane Le Viet, CEO & Co-founder, Work4 Labs // @work4labs

The following questions will be answered by our Guest speakers:

1. Why should companies consider Facebook as a Recruiting tool?
2. Are Facebook profiles an alternative to CV databases? Explain.
3. What is the value of posting jobs into Facebook?
4. How can candidates use Facebook as a Professional Network?
5. Any case studies of job posting successes on Facebook?
6. Many people see Facebook as private and for friends. How can companies deal with this scenario?
7. How does hiring on Facebook compare to the likes of recruiting via LinkedIn, Viadeo?
8. Could recruiting on Facebook replace traditional job boards?
9. How can companies implement a Social Recruiting Strategy for Facebook?
10. Where do you see Facebook within the Social Recruiting space?

Please join us tomorrow, and share your thoughts and comments during the chat using the hashtag #srchat. You can also ask the speakers questions by @mention them. We shall publish a blog post shortly afterwards with detailed comments and answers on our website.

This week’s #SRCHAT is co-sponsored by BeKnown and Work4 Labs, and shall be moderated by @vicokezie and @alanwhitford. Learn more about Social Recruiting at #SRCONF 2012, a 1-day Social Media in Recruiting conference in London on 28th June.

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