Social Recruiting: Research Your Audience!

The last few years has seen a significant change in the way companies recruit employees and how the latter search for jobs. A shift from traditional recruiting methods to a more socially orientated one means that many of the more traditional organisations have had difficulties implementing and integrating new strategies within their corporate culture and recruiting objectives.

In her blog post, Dominika Tomek at Dachis Group attempts to unveil the myths and suggest best practises (or tips if you will) that surround social recruiting with a focus on experienced hires.

Here they are summarised:

Myth #1- Experienced hires aren’t using social channel

Know your Social Media channels
Identify where Experienced professionals hangout
Engage with them where they are most active

Myth #2- “Our brand combined with a social presence will attract the right people for the right job”

Make it easy for the right people to find you on Social channels
Find and use the most relevant Social Media platforms
Engage candidates with real people, not glossy photo shoots
Maximise the power of social Media influence & Social Referrals

There are many articles just like the one mentioned here which attempt to analyse and suggest ways to use social media for effective recruitment strategies (ie: to achieve better results at lower costs). The points they make are interesting and are even possibly enlightening if you are new to the industry or have limited marketing or even management knowledge, which I am sure is not the case with most recruiters.

The problem is, there is no way for an external party (or someone from outside a particular organisation) to tell you what your exact strategy should be, as each company is unique and difference, and hence your Social Recruiting strategy should be tailored specifically to the organisation itself and the challenges they face.

Coming back to the article mentioned above, when you think about it, Dominika’s suggestions are pretty logical. As a Marketing Masters student, I can say that those tips cover the basics of marketing and the creation of sustainable strategies which can be used as a framework for any situation, in this case, attracting the right talent.

 1. Research, research, research (and planning)! One cannot stress just how important market research is. Know what’s happening around you, what your competitors are doing, who your target audience is, what they like, how they behave in online communities etc. (The question is then, what type of research is to be conducted? Do we rely on data or conventional wisdom, or both? ).

2.  What differentiates your organisation from others? Know your Key Performance Indicators (why would someone want to work for you); what is your USP in relation to potential candidates?

Applying the core principles of Marketing and Audience targeting in Talent Acquisition via Social Media will surely reap great benefits for Recruitment professionals. By doing these, organisations may well save some costs from the use of external agencies and third party suppliers, if they can research their audience effectively and attract their talent efficiently.

Editor’s Note: Crexia’s Social Recruiting Conference shares insights and case studies from organisations actively adopting Social Media in their recruitment strategy. It will be held in London on 28th June 2012.

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  1. Adam Singh

    I completely agree. It’s so important to research, test, and be agile.  Social media provide recruiters with way to reach potential candidates like never before.  In the same taken, if the proper steps mentioned in the article aren’t taken, there’s risk for a negative impact on the employment brand. 

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