Social Recruiting Summit 2009 – The Future of Recruiting is Social

Been reading through the very impressive reviews of the Social Recruiting Summit held in June 2009, organized by ERE and hosted by Google.

The event itself presented this intro:

Social media is rapidly becoming more than just another tool in a recruiter’s toolbox — it’s an important part of the future of the talent acquisition profession. On June 15, 225 recruiting industry professionals got together at Google’s World HQ in Mountain View, CA, and thousands more participated in a live stream and online chat to learn and discuss what has worked, what has been tried and what can be done to capitalize on these incredibly powerful tools for our industry.

This first of its kind, sold-out event brought together recruiting’s best and brightest for a hybrid between a conference and an unconference. With only part of the agenda set (and even those sessions included only a 15-20 minute presentation).

The goal of the Social Recruiting Summit is to have an industry conversation about these tools, talk about tactics and strategies that are already in the field and working, not pie-in-the-sky ideas.

There are quite a few videos online that shows notable speakers presenting how Social Media can add great value to Recruiting.