Social Recruiting through Aggregate Referrals

A new tool for recruiters and hiring managers launched yesterday. SocialCheck.Me allows potential employers to send private surveys to former colleagues of those recruits that they are interviewing. After people opt-in (if they wish) and take the survey, data is aggregated and sent to the employer in the form of charts and tables.

This allows hiring managers to compare potential employees side-by-side on how they worked with their former co-workers. Prior to this, recruiters had the option of asking for referrals or checking LinkedIn recommendations. While these can be valuable, they are solicited by the applicant, so they can be biased. (By reading this post on TechCrunch, or simply using the code TECHCRUNCH, you can get free access to SocialCheck.Me’s beta.)

Many new tools are coming out that rely more heavily on the social influence of recruiting. Some recruiters are watching how applicants participate with their followers in Twitter chats.

Applications are popping up on Facebook that allow for easier recommendations and referrals between friends. Another company, VouchBoard, is attempting to combine the professionalism of LinkedIn with the friendliness of Facebook.

They allow you to request that colleagues, friends, or other people in your network “vouch” for you” so that you look stronger when applying for a job. You can then customize your board and share it with recruiters.

Social Referrals and broader topics around Social Media in Recruitment will be discussed at our upcoming Social Recruiting Conference in Paris on 1st December 2011.

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