Social Recruiting Tool for Twitter: TweetJobs.Net

In this post, I will write about, a simple Twitter tool that is useful for both Recruiters and Candidates alike. It has been designed to connect recruiters and hiring managers with candidates by sending Tweets to industry and location specific Twitter accounts at the click of a button.

They have developed a tool that effectively send employer’s jobs to Twitter accounts that are both industry and location specific. Interestingly, these set Twitter accounts are likely to be followed by job seekers search for jobs in those specific fields.

With more companies distributing jobs now on Twitter, I think TweetJobs comes across as a fairly easy tool that could pass for the current Jobs-by-Email offered by job boards.

They also manage employer branded Twitter accounts for both end clients and agencies. I had a chance to chat with James Mayes, Director at TweetJobs at #SMIR and he gave me some insights into the site, and how they have gained traction in the last months.

It is even more simpler for candidates, as all they need to do is sign up for the service (even if they dont have a Twitter account yet), follow a simple set of intructions and they will be set up to get specific and targeted jobs based on their interests, skill sets and location.

If you are looking at using Twitter for Recruiting, then have a look at TweetJobs.Net

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