Social Recruiting Tool: TwitJobSearch Adds Skype

Last week, I had a quick convo with Sam at TwitJobSearch where he showed an innovative tool that has been added to their Twitter Job Search Engine.

Today, the word has gone out on how Job seekers can apply for jobs on Twitter and also add a ‘skype me’ option, so Recruiters can immediately see the job application and speak to the candidate quickly – in around 30 seconds. All you need is one click, with little effort.

Nearly 1 million unique job opportunities have been posted to Twitter in the last 30 days.  This makes Twitter the largest job board in the world.

TwitJobSearch uses semantic search technology to filter an index these job offers.  The new feature allows job seekers quickly find a job that suits them and, with 1-click, attach their Twitter/Skype IDs to the job and to send a “Tweet” to the recruiter notifying them that there is an applicant.

To learn more about this new feature, please view the video embedded below.

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