Twitter Business Center: Social Recruiting Tool?

Twitter recently launched a service called Twitter Business Center. According to Mashable, Twitter Business Center will give companies the ability to accept direct messages from any of their followers, regardless of whether they follow that person or not.

This will be especially important for businesses that perform customer service via Twitter as they can get feedback and deal with private customer issues without having to follow the person back.

Based on screenshots released by Mashable, the Twitter Business Center will have four tabs when the account is activated: Overview, Business Info, Verification and Contributors. The overview tab gives basic information about business accounts and Business Info allows a company to change the information that it submitted during initial registration. The Contributors tab allows companies to add multiple users to a business account so that they can tweet as the organizations representatives.

The screenshot is shown below

Andy Headworth gives an insight on how this can be useful for companies exploring Twitter as a social recruiting tool. He said:

This would be a great way to engage with job-seekers for a recruitment campaign, recruitment issues or for recruitment questions. You don’t then have to follow all the prospective candidates, to enable them to have real-time conversation with them.

Andy also recently gave a presentation on Twitter for Recruiting at #SMIR, which I quite enjoyed. It offered a mixture of relevant strategies and technical tools that can be used for sourcing talent on Twitter. During the presentation, he was willing to share a case study on how he is assisting Primark to utilise Twitter as a jobs distribution tool.

The idea is to find a cost effective way to attract a target demographic to apply for Primark Store vacancies. Over a 100 day period, the Primark jobs posted on Twitter had an average of 124 clicks per day, which is interesting and also consistent with the volume of job search activity on Twitter.

Twitter for Recruiting will grow this year, and we will see more tools and technologies that will add value to the Social Recruiting experience.