Social Recruiting Tool: Work for Us App

Had an interesting conversation yesterday with Stéphane Le Viet, co-founder and investor in the Facebook App Work for Us. It looks like a great tool that allows companies to add a mini- job board on their Facebook Fan page.

Usually, some companies post jobs on their Facebook fan page stream, but this app makes things tidier by moving the jobs to a tab on the fan page.

The cool things about Work for Us is that the User interface is very simple, but also has the feel and look of Facebook itself, which rather blends in nicely. People can Like the job and share them with friends / contacts in their network, thus making the app a very powerful referral tool.

Also, it allows job seekers to stay on Facebook, while applying for the jobs – without neccessarily taking them away. Although Stéphane pointed out that a few companies add an external url when you click on Apply, to their careers site or an ATS. Obviously, what we will be an interesting feature is integrating ATS within the app, and within Facebook itself.

Stéphane also mentioned that some clients are interested in some more innovations with the app, including a way to have a clean Tab name, with neat urls.

Over 2000 companies are now using the App, from big brands to SMEs, and more than 10,000 jobs have been posted in the last 3 months. Current clients include Accenture, Cisco, Sodexo to mention a few. The application is free for 30-days and then you can subscribe to one of these plans: (or keep using it for free). Techcrunch also profiled it recently.

We will continue to see apps like this on Facebook, and innovation will be key in ensuring that users on Facebook get to do all what they intend, within the communities.

More candidates will probably start showing interest in working with specific brands and companies (based on research about them from social media and search), and not just sending in generic applications to any business.

I will assume that Job boards and recruitment suppliers will start paying more attention to social recruiting tools like Work for Us, and others too  (eg TwitJobSearch, TweetJobs, TweetMyJobs, Jobvite, JobMagic etc).