Social Recruiting Tweetups: Come join us

Alan and myself are very pleased to announce a pre-event Social Recruiting TweetUp to be held on Wednesday 29 June at the oldest pub in the Marleybone area of London, the Dover Castle at 43 Weymouth Mews, W1G 7EH.

Built in 1778 specifically as a public house, this hostelry maintains a uniqueness in terms of its age and its location as mews pubs are a relatively rare thing. For how to get there, click here.

Also, following #SRCONF 2011 on 30 June, speakers, sponsors and delegates will be decamping for our second post-event networking drinks at the Dover Castle.

If you are interested in joining the conversation: Does Social Media Work for Recruitment?, but were unable to make it to the conference, please join us from 18:00 at the pub on both the 29th/30th June 2011.

The map below shows how to get to the Pub, and its closeness to the Cavendish Conference Centre, especially for those joining us on the 30th.

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