Social Recruiting: 10 Corporate Recruiter Twitter Bios

I have recently edited my twitter bio to reflect some of my current projects @crexia and other things I find interesting. Anyway, I decided to do some quick search of Corporate Recruiters on twitter, and what struck me was the differences in how they present themselves via their bio. To be fair, people also check one’s tweets/followers/following (well, I do) in order to form an albeit, premature opinion about you, but I still think the bio is key.

My research using this smart tool brought to light a few things I may have overlooked. Eh, most corporate recruiters are not on twitter, even if they might manage a corporate careers account. Please don’t ask me for statistics, but just take that as a statement of fact, or indeed an opinion. However, the ones that are active on twitter, quietly mention their job titles, alongside a bunch of other stuffs – mostly personal e.g. political junkie, wine lover, party animal …. Not bad!

What I found interesting is the use of job titles for recruiters depending on where you live (in English). The phrase “Corporate Recruiter” is very popular in the Netherlands, and a lot of Dutch recruiters have really smart bios with that title or something similar. However, in the UK, you tend to see more “In-house Recruiter” or “Head of Resourcing” as job title, but then again the UK bios that I saw had a bit of “this and that” in their profiles, mostly personal than professional. Whilst, in the US, I saw more “Staffing Manager” and VP Talent Acquisition roles in bios, and quite a lot profiles are detailed with reference to the kind of roles they recruit for or what their organisation do/does.

I have included in this post just 10 Corporate Recruiting Twitter Bios that I found interesting. This is not an exhausive list, but does give a snapshot on ones that offer relevant information about them that prospective candidate might find useful. What do you think?

My 5 top twitter bio tips for Corporate Recruiters include:

1. State clearly what your role is, what company, what it does
2. Add a clear photo – doesn’t have to corporate, can be cheesy 😉
3. Feel free to be personal and include your interests etc
4. Including a url that gives more info on who you are/what you do
5. Always tweak your twitter bio as/when your circumstances change

Do you have any twitter bios that you find interesting? Are there other guidelines that I have missed that will be useful to mention here.

If you have a twitter bio that you want feedback on, please feel free to share in comments.

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