Social Recruiting using a Google+ Page?

Earlier this week, Google+ released their long anticipated brand pages. Many brands are¬†clamoring¬†to become known as the first company within their industry to have a large following on the network. As a result, many brands are targeting consumers with their pages. But the recruiting benefits of Google+ cannot be forgotten…or can they?

Do brands really need a Google+ recruiting page?

Andy Headworth, Managing Director of Sirona Consulting, says on his blog that companies should have recruiting pages on all networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google+. He argues that Google+ is crucial because as Google increases the integration between their social network and their search engine, having a strong Google+ presence will become more beneficial for organic search. (He notes that this affects not only the #1 search engine, Google, but the #2 search engine in the world as well: YouTube.)

Andy also points out that sharing is quite easy in Google+, allowing people to socially spread elements of your page. This means that if you post a job opening, someone can quickly send it to their followers who may be interested.

Recruiting in Circles

That leads me to my next point, recruiting is easy on Google+ because of the segmentation benefit of circles. If you have a recruiting page on Facebook or Twitter, it is difficult to create different messages catered to different fan groups on your page. If you share something, more than likely anyone who is a fan of your page will find a way to access it. On Google+ you can create different circles for different recruits. You can separate candidates with serious potential from those that you have already decided against. You can also segment followers by how many years of work experience they have, or their education. That means you can share your entry level jobs with just recent graduates if you want, and your senior level jobs with people that have lots of experience. There is no need to send every message to every fan.

Another thing to note here is that Google+ does not allow a brand page to add someone to their circles unless that person has circled the brand. This eliminates the possibility that a brand can “spam” a potential recruit with job openings. The applicant has to make the first move.

For another perspective, TechLeash ponders the possibility of the importance of LinkedIn being diminished by Google+. Google’s social network is often regarded as a threat to Facebook, but could the recruiting benefits of Google+ outweigh the networking on LinkedIn? Only time will tell.

Andy Headworth will be speaking at Social Recruiting Conference on 1 December, 2011 in Paris.

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