Social Recruiting Vs Social Recruitment: SEO

The use of Social Media in Recruiting has given rise to a new set of mini-industry, within the recruitment sector. Dubbed social recruiting, or like some others call it: social recruitment.

This post will look at very basic SEO analysis of these phrases (I am no expert on this), and how the searches on related keywords will affect results generated by major search engines. For this particular post, we will consider Google. Sorry Bing etc.

A search of ‘Social Recruiting’ in Google UK generates over 18 Million results, with the first hundreds (probably 500) directly related to social recruiting or social media in recruiting. Nice to see that Social Recruiter takes the numero uno spot, at least in the UK on this very day.

However, when you search for ‘Social Recruitment’ (again in Google UK), you get over 29 Million returns. What is interesting is that, most of the results in the first few pages and beyond, point you to Social Care Recruitment and Social Work Recruitment websites, most of which are agencies and job boards that offer Social Care/Work recruiting services.

Recently, I have been managing a UK Adwords campaign for our Social Recruiting Conference, and obviously testing different keywords and phrases and daily budgets, and monitoring the impressions, clicks and CTRs.

For some days when there is a news item on Social Care or Social Work in the UK, I noticed a surge in searches for the phrase ‘social recruitment’ and higher clicks to the conference website. You don’t know who is clicking, but one wonder’s if its people looking for a social care related event or job. If that is the case, that is not good for us, as its obviously not our target audience.

But overall, the searches for social recruitment is far more higher than social recruiting in Google UK. And we probably know why.

What is now a question for the recruiting industry and SEO experts is: what is the most suitable phrase for the use of Social Media in recruiting? Should it be: social recruiting or social recruitment? Your thoughts and experiences in this will be great.

On a final note, I’d like to acknowledge whoever it is that coined the phrase “social recruiting“. I don’t know who you are – but we appreciate!

1 thought on “Social Recruiting Vs Social Recruitment: SEO

  1. SEO Packages Surrey

    As someone who is not involved in ‘social recruiting’, I would say that is the best term. I think it better reflects what you are trying to say and what the content of the website will be.

    As you highlighted, ‘social recruiting’ is much more ambiguous in its meaning, your tests have proven this, so it would make sense not to target that phrase.

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