#SocialRecruiting: Avoiding the zero-sum game

This is a guest post by Lilian Mahoukou, Social media and Employer branding professional with expertise in content creation, storytelling and social media/HR event planning.

Social media’s actively talked and slowly reaching out to new frontiers. It’s not just a marketing or PR matter anymore, and now we’re even talking about social business. Recruiters and employer brand managers see a huge opportunity to directly connect with potential employees.

Also, ‘how to (better) use social media?’ (externally and internally) seems to be one of the key concerns. Let’s explore three points before diving into ‘social recruiting’ initiatives:

#1. Keeping an eye on trends. Forgetting about the numbers. It is still important and interesting to have a view on what’s going on in the industry. Infographics are great ways to highlight key insights and numbers. However, each organization has its own specificity. What’s done elsewhere wouldn’t necessarily work for your company. One of the best idea’s to play the ‘test-and-learn’ game; small experiments that help identifying bright spots (for very specific conditions), prior to any scaling and additional investment efforts.

#2. An healthy and stimulating workplace for inspiring word-of-mouth. That means respect, ethical attitude and… mutual trust. Employees are the best potential advocates. A negative workplace experience is the best way to jeopardize any social recruiting plans.

At the end of the day, we enter a zero-sum game; with great creatives and loads of good content shared but a bleeding workforce with tons of departures.

Employees could share what they live, online or offline. They’re members of different peer circles. They’re getting more and more connected, and a couple of them already have an active digital presence. A brand new mindset is needed, and social media is partly here to leverage what’s already existing.

#3. Social recruiting is also ‘real-world connections’. With active conversations about whether companies should go for one technology or another, it’s quite easy to overlook the offline part. Let’s even say that local and face-to-face engagement initiatives are better ways to humanize relationships. This is also an interesting part for learning more about the different people and profiles.

Offline and social moments could be shared online, and get integrated into the candidate experience picture. Offline venues may be valid spaces as well, for talking with candidates and keeping on gathering actionable insights.

Regarding these three points, a broader view’s needed. Social recruiting may not only be a ‘recruitment’ challenge but mostly a ‘business & talent management’ one.

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