#SocialRecruiting in a Digital Age [Whitepaper]

Viadeo, a professional network of over 40 million people in 2.7 million countries around the world has published a whitepaper on Social Recruiting in a Digital Age. The paper starts off “in the beginning” (which is really in the 70’s when the first email was sent.) Some stats to set the framework:

  • 76% of businesses are using social networking.
  • In the US, nearly 90% of employers either use, or plan to use social media for recruiting.
Viadeo presents the argument that information that was once heavily guarded by recruiters is now readily available on any number of social networking sites.

One of the largest impacts on the recruitment industry has been a sharp increase in people leveraging their own professional networks…

This does not mean that companies will stop recruiting, there is just a shift toward a more socially involved recruiting process. Viadeo presents findings from a social recruiting survey saying that 55% of respondents will increase their budgets for social recruiting in the next year.

Viadeo also explores how other social media practices can impact recruiting. According to the whitepaper, “70% of job seekers agree that positive posts from fans or followers on a company’s social media site would make them more likely to apply for a job at that company.” This means that a companies social strategy has to be well rounded, instead of just focusing on social recruiting.

As members of professional social networks are projected to reach 500 million by 2015, social media and technology will increasingly play an integral role and become a staple in the hiring process for recruiters, employers, media agencies and employees themselves.

To read the entire whitepaper, please Download (0.2Mb PDF)

Viadeo is the lead sponsor of #SRCONF in Paris on 1 December, 2011. Learn more about the Social Recruiting Conference.

5 thoughts on “#SocialRecruiting in a Digital Age [Whitepaper]

  1. Adi

    For me it’s a no brainer to use social media as part of your talent management strategy,but a lot of companies are still failing to make use of it. For instance how many companies use social networking tools to keep in touch with ex-employees?

    How many pre-empt recruitment situations by actively engaging with talented individuals via social media? To use a sporting analogy, football clubs have talent scouts to find the best talent. Social networking platforms allow companies to invite similar individuals into their community very easily.

    Lots of possibilities for those that really get it.

      1. Adi

        Sure.  The platforms are easy.  You can set up community facilities now very quickly and easily.  The key will be to encourage past employees to stay in touch with each other and continue many of the relationships that they fostered with colleagues whilst they worked with you.  That way you maintain contact with them, how their careers are developing and so on, and should circumstances change you can bring them back into the fold.

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