Speakers @ #SRCONF Paris 2011

Social Recruiting Conference 2011 focuses on real-life and practical case studies of how diverse companies are implementing social recruiting in their talent attraction and employer branding strategies. The conference will be held on 1 December 2011 in Paris.

Confirmed speakers include representatives from Deloitte, Autodesk, Air Liquide, Danone and more. Learn more about the conference here.

Confirmed speakers and panelists:

Alan Whitford – Founder, RCEuro

  • Over 20 years experience in the start-up and expansion of high technology businesses in Europe.
  • Served a 2 year term as an Advisory Board member of Hire.com.
  • Published Personnel Today One Stop Guide Online Recruitment and UK Recruiter Newsletter.
  • Maintains a blog about E-HR and E-Recruitment.

Matt Jeffery – Head, EMEA Talent Acquisition, Autodesk

  • Co-Author of Recruitment 3.0 A Vision for the Future of Recruiting.
  • Voted ‘RECRUITMENT PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR’ in the 2010 Recruiter Awards.
  • Published or quoted in: Wall St Journal, Daily Mail, Sun, BBC, Edge Magazine, Gamasutra, MCV, Games TM, Develop, GI.Biz, Game Daily, Gamespot, CG Tantra, CG Talk, Hollywood Reporter, Animation Reporter.

Jean-Marc Mickeler – Partner, Deloitte France

  • Head of French Financial Services Audit Practice.
  • Responsible for Employer Strategy & Branding in France.
  • EMEA Financial Services Industry Audit Leader.

Charlotte Vitoux Evrard – Talent Acquisition Manager, Vivaki France

  • 10 years of experience including positions at Extreme Group and Isobar.
  • Maintains the blog Digital Talents.

Marie-Pierre Fleury – CEO & Founder, Canden HR

  • Blogs about HR and employment at id-carrieres.com
  • Served as Director of Strategic Projects, HR, at EM Lyon Business School for 7 years.

Andy Headworth – Managing Director, Sirona Consulting

Franck La Pinta – Employer Brand Marketing Manager, Societe Generale

  • Contributed to several publications (see the full list here.)
  • Also works as a consultant, running training courses to helps companies to use social media for marketing and HR.
  • Previously worked in the Marketing & Strategy department of Societe Generale for 7 years.

Jean-Noel Chaintreuil – Deputy Program Manager, HR Dept., Air Liquide

  • Blogs about entrepreneurship, HR, and strategy at jnchaintreuil.com.
  • Over a decade of experience at Air Liquide.
  • Currently responsible for transferring HR knowledge to several zones globally.

Celine Lappas – Human Resources Development Manager, Danone Research

  • Responsible for sourcing, recruitment and employer branding.
  • Builds and develops Danone’s reputation online on social media in order to create more proximity and exchange between danoners and people about Danone’s culture and jobs.

Damien Joliot – Human Resources Manager, People in Action

  • Blogs about HR 2.0 at resshum.posterous.com.
  • Previously served as HR Project Manager for ING Direct France.
Learn from the collective experiences of all of these speakers by registering for Social Recruiting Conference.