#SRCONF 2011 Confirmed Speakers

We are pleased to confirm the following #SRCONF speakers for our 2011 conference. Find below their names and a preview of what they will be delivering.

Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director, Unilever

Paul will be presenting a robust case study on how Unilever have implemented a Global Social Media Recruiting Strategy in order to complement their existing Direct Resourcing plans.

Quezia Soares, Recruitment Marketing Manager, Accenture UK

Quezia will discuss Accenture’s efforts in incorporating Social Media within their diverse Recruitment Marketing campaigns. She will also present results of a specific Social Media Marketing project on Facebook, and the future of Social Recruiting for Accenture as a business.

Franck La Pinta, Employer Marketing Manager, Societe General Group

Franck shall be showcasing Societe Generale Group’s response to challenges within their HR 2.0 and Employer Reputation Management team. He will also demonstrate how they took the conversations to the potential candidates and engaged with them on Social Media and other digital platforms, in order to promote their Employer brand.

Doug Fraley, Talent & Marketing Director, The Challenge

Doug will be detailing how ‘The Challenge’ have built an internal Social Network platform that is being used to recruit individuals and engage with them within a talent community.

Maayan Zusman, Recruitment Digital Marketing Lead, Intel Europe

Maayan comes from a Digital Marketing background, so her presentation will focus on her direct influence in incorporating Social Media in Recruiting for Intel Europe, alongside a wide range of other digital channels. She will be showing the ROI of these tools and the impact on Recruiting.

Katie McNab, Talent Acquisition Manager (UK, Ireland & South Africa), PepsiCo

Katie joined PepsiCo in 2009 to help them transform their approach to Talent Acquisition in the UK and Ireland.

After discovering that 99% of PepsiCo’s external roles were being filled by agencies (at extortionate cost), she picked up her jaw and set about establishing a successful Direct Sourcing model, that has gradually rolled out to include all of PepsiCo’s UK functions.

NOTE: We will continue to update this post as we confirm more speakers in the days to come.