Social Recruiting Conference #SRCONF 2012

Social Recruiting Conference 2012 came to town on 28th June. It was a day packed with smart people, conversations, learning, videos and tweets. Here is the #SRCONF 2012 video below.

The first two presentations in the morning have both highlighted video as a powerful recruitment tool.

Social Employer Websites – Finding the world’s best talent

David Henry of Monster started the day for us by sharing with us their work with the Maruissa Formula 1 team.

Their campaigns to find people with very niche skills to do #cool jobs has taken them to Twitter and Facebook, via YouTube.

Here are the results:

Social Recruiting and Future of Employer Brand Ambassadors Jean-Marc Mickeler of Deloitte France described their success making videos with their recent hires. You can view some of them on their YouTube channel. We also learned about Deloitte’s talent ambassadors:


Social Recruiting: Making the Most of your Professional Network

After that we heard from Pete Crosby of Viadeo. A global professional network that has in the region of 45 million members globally, 10 million of those in Europe.


Viadeo has recently launched Company Pages and an advertising platform. If you do a lot of hiring in Europe then it might be time to take a look.

Social Recruiting on Facebook (Case Studies & Candidate Experience) Next we moved the conversation onto Facebook with a panel session. We had expertise from Stephane Le Viet of Work4Labs andSteve Hewitt of Lumesse.

One of the main takeaways was that real alumni are gathering on Facebook, where they can be really social, rather than LinkedIn where it’s easy to join a group and never return.


Social Media, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Global Employer Marketing

After lunch we were rudely awoken by the very energetic Matthew Jeffery from Autodesk. Matthew talked to us about the reality of using Social Media to recruit the best.


Matthew Jeffery introduced us to the term “pactive” candidate. This is the notion that even passive candidates can be made active if you present them with their perfect job at the right time in the right way.

Candidate Resourcing via Talent Communities Nicky Bizzell of then shared some of her experiences at Eversheds with us.



Social Talent Pool – A Legacy for London 2012 Employees Next we were given a fascinating insight into the recruitment behind the Olympic Games that are due to start in London in just a few weeks.


Rob Clarke from LOCOG really captured the challenges and thrills of recruiting for London 2012

Social Recruiting as an Integrated Employer Marketing Campaign In light of recent challenging events for RBS, Anydy Taylor received a lot of questions about maintaining employer brand during tough times.


Andy also openly shared a lot of examples of what RBS are doing with Social Media and where they are getting success.


You can also see this write up of Andy’s presentation from Recruiter Magazine – IT problems at RBS are recruiters’ silver lining.

An ITV Social Recruiting Success on Twitter

Miranda Wayland, Diversity Manager at ITV and Mark Rice of andsome shared with us the exciting journey that their internship had taken. From a scheme that hired the nieces and nephews of those in the business, to a scheme that now finds young people who are really passionate about working in television and gets them involved. The way ITV recruits interns has come a long way in a short time. In the process they have generated a lot of good will and excitement on Social Media.

What I think struck most people was the sheer effort involved in this kind of undertaking;


Creating a successful Social Recruiting Strategy Our final session of the day was a panel comprised of Matthew Jeffery of Autodesk, Andy Taylor of RBS and Charu Malhotra from Unilever. This quote sums up its finding quite succinctly.


The overriding consensus was that you have to get your recruitment strategy in order first. Know your hiring needs, know the market and then figure out if and how Social Media needs to be part of the mix.

The day has prompted some great content already.

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Let us know if we’ve missed anything!

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