Some #SRCONF Bloglinks and Photos

The post conference reach has been continuing via the hashtag, #SRCONF, with blogs and photos. Find below a selection of blog posts:

Jon Ingham discusses G4S Social Media Strategy as presented by Colin Minto. Steve Newson’s initial impressions, garnered from the live video streaming and the Twitter stream. Also, read James Mayes’s Personal Highlights from SRCONF

Glenn Le Santo, who featured as the Blog Squad, tweeting, blogging and photos throughout the day published the TweetReach report. Doug Shaw gave a very thorough and honest analyis of the day, in his blog. Peter Ward, Hugh Fordham discuss the engagement process in their Employer Connections Blog

And let’s not forget the post event reports from co-organiser Vic Okezie on Ordering SRCONF DVDs, The TweetReach and Speaker’s Presentations.


A selection of photos:

Katherine Robinson, the Sourceress, has posted some of her photos here.

You can view another selection of photos by clicking here