#SRCONF: Your Reactions, Our Reflections

About 10 days ago, we held #SRCONF 2010 in London. We set out to bring together great and diverse case studies of organisations making good use of Social Media in Recruiting, Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing.

During and after the conference, we have been receiving feedback and reactions from attendees and people who just followed the Twitter stream and watched on uStream.

We have been analysing the direct comments made via the feedback forms, online surveys and direct messages (in person, via email, twitter and LinkedIn) and they have been very positive.

We also have specific ratings for speakers based on content and presentation, and overall, it was outstanding! Alan will write another post with specific comments made in some instances, but then some of the feedback will go directly to the speakers themselves. This post will explore some of the other logistical / technical issues that we gleaned from your reactions.

1. The conference was held on a day with significant travel disruptions, so this somehow affected the general turnout. But it also meant we started a little bit later and ran on an average of 10-15 minutes behind the agenda.

Some speakers & delegates were delayed in traffic, so we decided to allow for sometime before commencing. You always want to stick to time and get things going, but atimes circumstances dictate otherwise, for this we apologise.

2. Conference venue had very high ratings from attendees. But we also found out on arriving in the morning, that mobile phone reception was poor (or non-existent) if you are not on Vodafone. The technician blamed the other carriers for not setting up a boaster or something of that sort. Fair enough.

However, we realized that with the free wi-fi within the venue, many people accessed their emails and tweeted – which was very good. The mobile reception wasn’t eventually a major issue, as quite a few went outside to make urgent calls and get some fresh air.

3. Someone watching on uStream and a few in the audience mentioned that they don’t know who is who for the morning panel. Ooops, we somehow forgot to place their names so everyone can see names. For this we are sorry, and managed to rectify for the PM panel.

4. We did receive some feedback that the day’s content was too detailed and somewhat heavy. That was the plan. It is always difficult to decide on how much you want to give an audience. Again, it is hard to determine what specific attendees are more interested in and looking forward to. Hence, we wanted to bring together a wide range of presentations from a diverse set of companies. The conference delivered at that level.

But on reflection, and based on the day’s weather and travel issues and time delays, it did seem rather prolonged especially in the afternoon. While the speakers delivered excellent and extraordinary case studies from their organisations, some people were seemingly tired, and this is quite understandable. We will consider how we manage the content volume in the future.

So, these are some of our reflections on quite a few of the constructive criticisms / comments we did receive in the last few days. If you have any more comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or Alan. Once again, many thanks for the feedback. We appreciate!

2 thoughts on “#SRCONF: Your Reactions, Our Reflections

  1. Doug Shaw

    Hey Vic – some good points in your analysis. And please don’t forget all the great conversations, loads of learning, sharing and a good buzz on the day.

  2. Vic Okezie

    Thanks for the comment Doug. Sure, the positives are extraordinary. Alan will write a post with some of the very good comments soon. I was just addressing a few of the other feedback we did receive, so they are not ignored. But overall, we are very pleased 🙂

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