#SWCHAT is Here: Join the Conversation

If you are missing #SWCONF, here’s a great way to get back in the action. David Christopher, who spoke at #SWCONF, is hosting a Twitter chat about social workplace. Twitter chats are a fantastic resource for quick question-and-answers about a particular topic. The chat will have a different focus every week; this week will focus on the barriers to creating a social workplace. The chat will use the following discussion points:

  • Discussion Point 1: What barriers do you encounter when creating The Social Workplace?
  • Discussion Point 2: How do you overcome those barriers?
  • Discussion Point 3: Is Social Sponsorship and Social Leadership a necessity in creating The Social Workplace?

Anyone is invited to attend, and the chat will take place every Thursday night at 9pm GMT. If you’ve never been to a Twitter chat before, here is a list of tips for beginners. I recommend using a separate Twitter client where you can store and follow a search, or using Tweetchat.

(Source: StopThinkSocial.com)

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