Talent Intelligence at Talent Strategy Summit

Talent Intelligence will partner the Talent Strategy Summit, taking place on 10th May 2012 at the Hilton London Park Lane, London. Talent Strategy Summit is a half-day event, that focuses on Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning. This is must-attend event for forward-thinking HR Business leaders.

Hosted by KellyOCG, attendees will learn and share experiences from notable Talent Leaders who are pioneering the next wave of Talent Strategy in their organisations.

About Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence is a global leadership risk management company that solves its clients critical talent challenges through the integration of external talent intelligence in key areas of succession, talent pipelining and competitor intelligence.

Talent Intelligence provides client stakeholders with the ability to include benchmarked external talent, and related actionable intelligence, against planned or unplanned changes in the structure, composition and performance of their own leadership team on a continual realtime basis.

The result is improved speed, quality and reduced cost around strategic succession management and workforce planning. This in turn provides the basis for sustained competitive advantage, improved return on investment and enhanced business performance