The Concept of Talent Brand Ambassadors

Jean-Marc Mickeler, Partner and Responsible for Employer Branding Deloitte France presented at the Social Recruiting conference (28 June 2012) held in London, where he shared insights on Social Media and Employee Brand Ambassadors.

People are the very reason why client service excellence is one of Deloitte’s hallmarks, therefore developing talent is Deloitte’s top priority

Jean-Marc started his presentation by explaining how nowadays if you (as an employer) want to fully leverage the employees’ full value; you need to find ways to tap on their network (not only online but also offline)

Brand ambassadors are increasingly becoming a common way for brands to leverage rich audience and to put a real face on your company. According to him, these brand ambassadors can be tweeters, bloggers, Facebookers, or they could be the people who attend real life events where your company is participating. In each of these channels the objective is always to make them become the voice, and the face of your company. Social media gives your employees not only the ability but also the credibility to be the voice of what you promised them.

If we tell other people we are good employers no one believes it, but if the people who work for us tell the same thing people would listen to them”

What is a promise for Deloitte France?

  • It is a deal (they provide and they expect in return).
  • It is a way they get things done and how it feels like to be a Deloitte person
  • It is all about proof (how you know they have done what they said they would do)

Jean-Marc stated that at Deloitte France, they have been working on their promise through the last two years and it is all about employability. By joining them, employees will own their career, which gives them the flexibility and choice to customise their career path.

Deloitte France have built their employer brand initiatives around three convictions:

  • Their people are consumers; they come to buy a job and the day it becomes boring they try to buy another product (job).
  • People love to connect to other people.
  • Their employees want them to show facts not to tell stories.

Therefore they set up an aligned strategy, which could be broadly split into three main tactical streams:

  • To build their collaborative career platform (the website) and more importantly to identify the right people that will engage in the conversations (in order to create their community of ambassadors).
  • Aimed at social media recruiting and has been recently achieved.
  • They transformed their organisation to start to benefit from social recruiting.

How did they start to benefit from social recruiting?

  • They created a digital ecosystem where their people’s promise was spread
  • They started their career website that only young people, who have from one day to four years of experience, can be found in there. Because Jean-Marc is convinced that these are the employees that people will listen to, and people are not interested in what seniors explain to them.
  • They have 10000 to 12000 unique visitors every week on their website.
  • In their YouTube channel with sharing videos they made sure that they have a good communication with audience.
  • They also made two twitter accounts. The first one is for posting their vacancies in tweets or to marketing the events. The second one is more original, which is controlled by Jean-Marc himself, because he believes that if they want their young people to be their ambassadors the tune had to come from the top.

On the same day that they launched their Facebook and LinkedIn career account, they were building their employer branding play field, they have started to build the dream team they wanted to (cohesive, workable people who get the objective and who can communicate the objectives to the stake holders).

When they selected these 150 people they were worried about keeping the message consistent, accurate, updated, interesting, and appropriate. As an employer you need to trust your people and more importantly they need to trust you.

Our next blog will share more about Deloitte France’s Talent Ambassador programme.

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