The Reality of Today’s Workplace

This is a guest post by Miguel Garcia, Customer Success Manager at Yammer. Yammer is the leader in enterprise social networking, providing a secure way for employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information. Follow him on twitter.

The growing reality of today’s workplace is that it’s unconventional and constantly breaking through barriers. Employees are starting to set and play by their own rules, while most companies are finding it hard to adapt quickly and effectively to these new ways of working.

In a recent Millward Brown study, conducted for Google, 69% of employees in Europe believe that companies utilising social networks will grow more rapidly than those that ignore them. In the same study executives believe productivity can be raised by 22%, while basic tasks could be reduced by 25%. In Spain, the number of overall positive opinion rises to 74%. There is no doubt about it. Companies around Europe have discovered the power of social media technologies in the workplace and are finding new ways to translate the meaning of everyday work into meaningful work.

One of the most important keys to effective and meaningful social media use in the workplace is to first understand thetype of work that could be better conducted through social networking. Not every task or project should automatically be thrown into the mix, but if it’s increased visibility, collaboration, and innovation that you’re looking for then you’re well on your way to ticking all the boxes.

The important aspect of social media technologies is that they will only be as social and engaging as the people that use them. Even the most well designed and flashy technology will be meaningless against the backdrop of a mundane or even hostile work environment. It cannot be expected that this ailment is cured by social technologies, it is the cultural and community aspect that must go along with it.

At Yammer we recognise that success is having the best people with the best knowledge, and then making sure that the solution is up to par with that. Now and in the future it will be the best supported technology, not necessarily the one with the most functionalities, that people will most appreciate and be able to use.

The way you turn everyday work into meaningful work is by having a great culture, a strong community, and social media technologies that resonate intuitively in the workplace and that people love to use.

Editor’s note: Yammer is a sponsor at the Social Workplace Conference 2012, in London, UK.