The Value of Talent Brand Ambassadors

Jean-Marc Mickeler, Partner and Responsible for Employer Branding Deloitte France presented at the Social Recruiting conference (28 June 2012) held in London, where he shared insights on Social Media and Employee Brand Ambassadors.

Following on from our initial blog about the Concept of Talent Brand Ambassadors, this post will shared further value from Deloitte France’s initiative.

During the presentation at SRCONF London, Jean-Marc emphasized that employers cannot control what their employees say about them on social media but if they have a good relationship with their employees, the employees will represent them well. Because it is a personal asset for an employee to value the brand that he/she is working for.

“We have implemented our employee ambassador programme to ensure that we will provide all the material that people need in order to create value for the firm and for their own personal development.”

What did they do for their Talent Ambassador programme?

  • They built a set of guide lines before letting them represent the company.
  • Incentives (they cannot ask people to spend time energy and to step out of their comfort zone and become good ambassadors without any incentives).
  • Internal communication to value their engagement in front of the management and other people (to make sure that all of the ambassadors will benefit themselves and organisation).

“A successful social strategy has to help people form relationships in ways that will also benefit the company!”

Every year, Deloitte France hire 1000 new people and 80 percent of them are young graduates. They receive about 45 to 50 thousand CVs. They contact 5000 of them for the first interview and 2000 for the second interview. 20% of the cost and their recruitment process are dedicated to marketing and 80% of it is dedicated to the selection process.

What they want to do in future is to decrease the costs of their recruitment process and more importantly to dedicate 80% of the budget to marketing and only 20% to recruitment and selection. Here, social media and Employee Brand ambassadors become really important.

In a typical first selection process every company is making sure that they select the people who know what they are doing and people who have understood what the job description is, and believe in their value. This is something that Deloitte France is willing to change by using social media.

Jean-Marc concluded by suggesting that social media could be used instead of that first interview for explaining who they are, what the job is about and actually assess the ability of the candidate to fill the position, before they can progress with that individual.