How To: Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Although this has been out there for a few months now, I thought it will be useful to reproduce it. It is CareerBuilder’s Top Ten Best Practices for Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool.

Social Media works because it humanizes your company, engaging your audience in a more direct way than with other recruiting mediums.

Here are some tips to think about as your analyze the social media aspect of your recruitment strategy:

1. SET A GOAL: Setting a strategy before implementing tactics is critical to any business initiative. Before you dabble in social media, ask yourself if branding and awareness, client lead generation, candidate pipelining, candidate or client communication, or employee engagement is your aim.

2. MASTER ONE MEDIUM: Many companies believe social media is an all or nothing adventure. However, the best approach is to start with one site. Head to your top pick and get comfortable with the interface and its unique features. It takes time and dedication to plan and follow through on posting new materials, developing a user base, etc.

3. MANAGE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: Social media is all about word-of-mouth marketing. Share success stories, from an employee’s perspective, about working with your organization. Highlight your unique knowledge and share useful information with candidates that they will share with others.

4. CREATE A USER EXPERIENCE: Social media is about creating an open dialogue and building relationships with others, with the end goal of creating an active community. You don’t want one-hit wonders; you want to start conversations that engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

5. LISTEN, LEARN AND ENGAGE: The most important thing you can do on any site is to listen to your audience. The second most important step is to digest that information and then respond. As you build trust with your community, you will be able to engage talent in candid discussions about your company and value.

6. HIGHLIGHT SPECIFIC JOBS: Posting all your openings on social media is great, but it is more effective to focus on specific openings each week or even month. Give more than just a job posting; provide talent unique information about the company or job. Help candidates understand why the job might be the right opportunity.

7. VISUALLY STIMULATE: From simple photos and videos to fancy custom applications, get your audience visually stimulated and you will get their attention. Incorporate photos and videos in everything you do. You want your company to stand out and interesting multimedia content is the best way to get attention.

8. BOOST YOUR RANKINGS: Adding your presence to social media sites will organically boost your online profile in search rankings. Search engines weight search results based on the number of visitors to a site. Thus, by associating your company with a popular social media site, it can improve where you come up in search results.

9. PREPARE TO CHANGE: Social media is the cool new “thing” on the Internet. However, no one platform is poised to become the end-all-be-all of social media or even social media recruitment at this point in time. The hot site next month may not even be on anyone’s radar, yet. Be on the lookout for new sites and don’t be afraid to test the waters.

10. PROMOTION: Promote your presence once you are up and running on the social media platforms of your choice. Place links on your Web site, put them in your email signature, highlight them in marketing campaigns, and even send links to become fans, friends, or followers in application confirmation emails.