TribePad Sponsors #SRCONF 2012

We are pleased to welcome TribePad as Startup Sponsor for #SRCONF 2012. TribePad’s CEO & Co-founder, Lisa Scales will be at the conference to share insights on Talent Communities and Social Recruiting platforms.

TribePad is an award winning next generation recruitment platform that gives your organisation the most powerful tool in the market to manage your own recruitment processes from beginning to end and recruit the best talent for your organisation. Whether you are looking to attract high volume low level roles or highly skilled niche roles TribePad enables you to publish jobs online, search for candidates, process applications and engage with future talent all in one place.

TribePad is intelligent and matches candidates to jobs and jobs to candidates in real time and helping you to recruit the top talent around.

TribePad understands that social relationships are vital in forming business connections. It starts conversations across social spheres and allows you to invite those talking about the topics that matter to your business to come and explore opportunities and suggest roles which may fit their immediate or future requirements.

It knows that an engaging recruitment process leads to high quality candidates. You can connect with potential applicants via groups, forums and spark debate and ignite interest in your brand, helping make the recruitment process interesting and engaging for both you and the potential talent. Give access to a knowledge library full of content about your employer brand and watch as future applicants develop into employees.

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