Twitter Hacked: Social Recruiting & Online Security

So you are learning more about the social recruiting and how social media will transform how recruiters find and attract better candidates. And of course, you know this involves using social networks, managing accounts, viewing profiles and probably leaving information trails on the Internet.

But hey, you should also remember that some people like to gather information about people – but in a very aggressive and illegal way. Hackers exists.

While hacking has always been there and even major job boards have been compromised with private details of users stolen, we are seeing more of this happen probably in social networking sites.

Take the case of Twitter. Yes, right now a major US tech blog is about to publish selected very private and confidential information about Twitter employees and even the Founder of Twitter (His recent tweet states ‘Having a bad night’).

The twitter teams account have been hacked a few weeks ago and the hacker (Hacker Croll) obtained over 310 internal documents, which could be published (or not) online.

Will be quite interesting to see what kind of confidential information about Twitter will swirl around the Internet the next few hours or days, but its critical to also be aware that while we advocate and explore the art of social recruiting via social media, we cannot run away from the potential issues of online security, which will continue to exist, as long as the Internet is live.

More posts in the future on how to protect one’s information on the Internet, and tips on how to manage corporate recruitment accounts.