When Will We See More Twitter Success Stories?

On the subject of Twitter as a Job Board, we are keen to get more detailed public statements of how Twitter is assisting organizations to attract and actually hire talent into their companies.

Are companies getting useful results from Twitter in sourcing and placing candidates? By all means.

While the trends and cultural openness in the United States will likely assist us to see more public reports of successes with Twitter (with key statistical evidences), it might take a few years before UK companies begin to talk about how this tool is adding value to their sourcing needs.

The argument made by some Social Recruiting specialists in the UK, is that companies here tend to be more secretive about what is working for them, so they don’t share that information in case their competition are watching. Valid reasoning? Hmm.

Last summer, I wrote about how LinkedIn save Microsoft Europe over 60K of agencie fees and also the case of a US Cellular’s recruiter, who used LinkedIn more in 2009, after the company’s hiring budget was slashed.

Anyway, most recently TweetMyJobs (touted as the the largest Twitter job board in the world) announced that InterContinental Hotels Group filled positions—from a Finance Manager to a Bar Server—around the world via Twitter.

What this implies is the width of the positions, from a Senior Finance Role to an actual Hospitality position. And also noteworthy is they placed these people in different parts of the world, likely making the attraction and hiring process seemless. The news continues:

In January 2010, the company posted more than 1,000 open positions via TweetMyJOBS and received more than 18,000 highly-targeted views from job seekers looking in specific job categories and geographies for both corporate and hotel positions.

These are some interesting figures and I am certain more companies will start publishing data like this in the next few months – likely from the US.

Twitter is pushing over 50 Million Tweets Each day, with Millions of people currently logged in and engaging, as I publish this post.