Twitter – The Future of Job Boards?

There is a conversation going on here on the future value of Twitter as a Job Board. I must admit, that the idea of Twitter becoming the future of job boards haven’t really crossed my mind.

Yes, I strongly believe and I am in favour of the use of Twitter as a sourcing tool to attract candidates. Yes, I have worked with a client that now gets some good candidates via their twitter feed, and also source for candidates via Twitter.

Also, I do acknowledge that job boards, as we know it, does serve their own purpose in the job search and talent sourcing paradox.

However, the single thought of a social media application taking over that actual ‘job boards’ process is mind boggling. Depending on which aisle of the job boards debate one is, it could potentially mean that companies will consider ditching posting jobs in jobsites, but instead feed their jobs directly into a a social media application, like Twitter and maybe track this via an ATS.

I am not on the side that screams – Death to the Job Boards. Not only because I have found them useful in my previous career, but I also see that somehow they have been the norm for many job seekers in the Job search dilemna.

But when you think of it – before the evolution of job boards (back in the ’90s), people used to search for jobs and companies attracted candidates via a different method. Yes, we know how. And then, job boards grew over the last decade – with their fanciful revenue strategy. Things are changing.

With social media and the chatter on Twitter and the very engaging audience theirin, directly posting jobs from company’s website will continue to be a viable norm, but the focus as have been highlighted will shift to being able to track the ROI on Twitter, from job posting to talent hiring.

6 thoughts on “Twitter – The Future of Job Boards?

  1. Jüri Kaljundi

    At least for the few years to come, job boards will not lose their position in what they do well. There is also great potential for job sites to expand to social media recruitment by providing better tools to share their jobs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, search engines etc, if they play their cards right. Same for ATS’s. Jobs must be shared across different networks and sites.

    It depends also what target groups we are talking about. Small business hiring, where the business owner or manager does everything himself, not having any HR or recruitment persons assisting is one specific area. For them, the budget is often the issue, so even 100 dollars for a job site ad is considered too expensive. Whatever the reasons, there are many who then to do their recruitment 100% themselves using only the free tools. What we try to do at is to provide social media recruitment tools for exactly these kind of people, to post ads for free quickly and then share them on social networks like Twitter. There are also some sectors where this also works better, for example IT and tech industries, also design and marketing, where usage of social media tools has been higher.

    Large companies with large HR departments might have different needs and tools. They also have higher budgets for training, integration, advertising, software, using job boards and ATS’s etc. That does not mean they could not good passive candidates via social media job ad sharing and referrals on those by their friends and employees. Training your employees to do the job ad sharing is one of key success factors for large companies, when doing their social media recruiting.

    Still current times of job boards vs social media recruiting bring to my mind a comparison with 10-15 years back, when we saw job ads going from print to online, and cutting the price 10 times. Interesting times indeed.

  2. Vic Okezie

    @Juri – thanks for your input. Thats why I am not on the aisle that proclaims the death of Job Boards, as we know it. But, a lot of companies will find the social media platform more effective depending on roles they are hiring for and the kind of engagements they intend to have with candidates. Mind you, sifting through massive candidates database (like cough monster)or having to deal with alots of irrelevant CVs from job boards can be tiring. I think that social media recruiting via Twitter will grow a lot this year, but a full acceptance and adoption of these methods will not be immediate. Nothing changes overnight.

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  5. eatjobs

    Lots of good points raised throughout the various comments. I believe that social media is a great resource for advertising jobs, however does not not yet provide the functionality that Job Boards do for advertisers and Job Seekers.

    We at eatjobs see Job Boards combined with Social Media as the ideal…

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