US Army Targets Facebook, Twitter for Recruitment

Facebook for Recruitment is not just for Corporate Employers. Hey, you have for competition too. US Army has started using Facebook to attract candidates who will like to join the Army.

According to this piece on MSNBC, the Army isn’t the only branch of the military with Facebook friends or that has a following on Twitter.

The Air Force has also established a Facebook page, Twitter feeds and a blog, while the Marine Corps is using various networking sites mainly for recruiting purposes. The Navy is “experimenting” with several forms of online media, and some of its commands are using Twitter.

The Army recently launched its own Facebook page, which contains much the same information as its official Web site.

Lindy Kyzer, who updates the site, along with the Army’s Twitter feed and blog, says the networking sites add a different dimension: chat.

“We really try to make it an open forum,” Kyzer said, adding that negative posts are not removed. The Army has deleted some comments it deemed not “family friendly.”

“Everyone has an opinion and it’s amazing that the Army is showing both sides,” said Danny Andazola, a 24-year-old Army reservist from Denver who has posted on the Facebook page. “When younger people see comments from both sides, it can easily help them decide if the Army culture is for them.”