Viadeo Company Pages & Employer Branding

Viadeo’s Pete Crosby delivered a great presentation at #SRCONF last week, where he shared some context to how professionals use Social Networks globally.

Viadeo is a professional social network with over 45 million members. Members use Viadeo to increase their business opportunities, improve their visibility and their online reputation; and manage and develop their network of professional contacts.

He noted that there are 750 Million professionals globally; whilst there are 3 Billion working in the world. Of the 750 Million people, approx. 250 million are using some kind of Professional Social Network. A large number of those professionals are in the UK and the US, but in terms of growth, they are in the emerging markets.

Hence for the last 3.5 years, Viadeo have focus on the BRIC and other emerging economies, and are number 1 in China. Pete shared that 8% of their database are paid members and compared to LinkedIn’s 0.2%. During the presentation, Justine Fayet of EADS came on stage to show some of Viadeo’s employer branding and hiring tools that they use to attract talent across Europe.

Pete also mentioned the Viadeo Company Pages, which is recently launched. Several brands have signed up and create unique careers pages for their organisations. Viadeo’s own company page is shown below, including an a video introducing the tool.