Watch #SWCONF Live on 1st Nov

We are being contacted by potential delegates from locations very far away from London (i.e. US, Asia, Australia etc), who are excited about the Social Workplace Conference, and will surely like to attend. We’d be keen to welcome attendees from these places.

However, we also want to make sure that we can reach a wider global audience, and hence will be livestreaming the conference, so delegates who can’t make it here, can also enjoy part of the learning and communal experience. This will be a combination of live video via uStream and an active and engaging twitter hashtag #swconf.

We run similar streaming for the Social Recruiting Conference (a part of Crexia) which attracted over 1300 viewers during the last event. The #SWCONF Live page and the registration form will be active very soon for persons who can’t make it to London.

The cost will be £200+VAT ONLY, for watching the full day live presentations and access to all the slides. The number of passes will be limited to reduce bandwidth issues.