Will Social Recruiting Kill the Recruitment Industry?

Social Recruiting will be the buzzword of the Recruitment Industry in 2010 – for both Corporate Recruiters and Recruitment Consultants.

For this post, I will try and focus on the Recruitment Consulting Industry, the UK’s £27 billion private recruitment and staffing industry.

With more corporate employers using Social Media in Recruitment, it is thought that some traditional institutions like the Recruitment Industry and Job Boards might suffer. Futurologists are making diverse predictions about how social media will affect what we are used to now.

But when you look at it, the concept of Recruitment Consultancies are mostly fuelled by the Job Seeking Candidates. It is thought that many Consultants speak to the job seekers often – on a daily basis and in a slightly different lingo than how Employers deal with them.

Maybe recruitment consultants are more street-wise in their manner and tend to show some empathy along the hiring processes on behalf of their clients. In a nutshell, Job Seekers will always sort for Recruitment Consultants. A recent Yahoo Search Trends this week was ‘Recruitment Agencies’ and a Google Search for that phrase returns over 5 Million results.

The fact that Agencies may have multiple jobs at the same time for an average job seeker will make them see Consultants as a first choice in the Job Search process, along with Job Boards. Candidates know that by just submitting their CVs (or profile) and getting screened by a Consultant, they maybe sure of have a few interviews arranged for them.

Also, due to seeming busy shedules of HR Managers and the rigid corporate structures of major companies, the time to search for candidates (even via Social Media) and sort CVs (or profiles), and arrange interviews and give feedback and negotiate salaries etc, can have an impact in several Recruitment activities, that they may still want to outsource these to Recruitment Consultants, even if the employers use Social Media as a sourcing tool.

There is also the case of attracting specific talents via competitors or a set list of target companies. Usually, this involves Headhunting, and many direct employers will avoid doing this on their own, even via Social Media, so it doesn’t seem like they are all out to poach staff from rival firms. In this case, Recruitment Consultancies and Executive Search firms will also be expected to source and place this candidates.

While this is not an exhausive list, on why the Recruitment Industry will always be a part of our corporate life, I think that Social Recruiting should complement their services and assist in delivering value to all stakeholders.

For the traditional Recruiment Consulting firms, it is time to start looking at engaging with candidates, as your competition is likely doing so now, and have started gaining strides via conversations in Social Media platforms.

The candidates of tomorrow will be the ones who care more about your reputation and inside information about your Agency, in order to decide if they will work with you or not. Obviously, reputation can be managed appropriately via conversations you have with them online and offline.

Social Media Recruiting will ensure that the Recruitment Industry engage better with candidates, hence finding the best talent for their clients.