Will your FB Friends Find you your Next Job?

Earlier this week, Jobvite introduced a new Facebook app that allows people to suggest friends of theirs who might be a good fit for a particular job. According to InsideFacebook organizations that license the application might see a reduction in recruitment costs. This new feature allows companies to not only see an increase in applicants, but to also allow employees an easier way to recommend people who would be a better fit.

Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan tells InsideFacebook that “up until now when companies wanted to increase the number of employee referrals, they sent emails to employees asking them to send on opening to friends, but it’s a pain [to think of who would be a good match.]” An additional benefit to this app is that it takes recruitment referrals out of our cluttered email inboxes and integrates it into our regular Facebook routine. Plus, this application makes it feel a lot more personal, since Jobvite offers job-seekers the ability to track the status of their application so they know if it has been reviewed or not.

This application is well-timed to Facebook’s launch of the timeline. This new addition shows your friends much more information about your background: education, employment, and other relevant figures are more prominently featured on your profile. The drawback to this, however, is that your personal activities are also easier to search through. Pictures from years ago that you thought might have been buried are suddenly featured directly on your profile, and all you have to do in order to see them is scroll down.

Companies are using Facebook to recruit.

According to a survey by social recruitment software developer SelectMinds, 72% of US firms actively use social media for recruitment, and this figure is on the rise. On top of that, 40% of companies said that their corporate social networks were developed exclusively for recruiting.

Oliver Turnbull, Managing Director of Incite People UK, had this to say: “We don’t do it on Facebook.” “As a brand, do you want to be next to someone who is writing on their friend’s wall about ‘last night?’” His view is that your Facebook is your personal space, and that recruitment is better suited for LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Google+. However, Turnbull admits that most companies go straight to an applicant’s Facebook profile when considering them for a job.

Instead of waiting for a recruiter to come to your Facebook page, why not skip this step and have your friends directly recommend you with the new JobVite app?

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